Galle-Äsculin-Azid-Agar (GÄA)

Abbreviazione: GÄA
Numero articolo: 40-1276
Scheda: Petri Dish, 90mm
Colore: Yellowish
Condizioni di stoccaggio prodotti: Dry, in closed bag, at 4-10°C
Data di scadenza: 4 Months
Valore pH: 7.1 ± 0.2 at 25°C
Dsc 3777 g%c3%84a web
Destinazione e applicazione

Bile Aesculin Azide Agar allows the selective isolation, determination and enumeration Eterococci species in water and other study materials. It is also used for the confirmation of suspect colonies of the Enterococci species selectively isolated on Slanetz & Bartley Agar medium.

Composizione tipica

in g per 1 litre of Nutrient medium
Casein peptone (Tryptone)17
Yeast Extract5
Bile salts, dehydrated10
Sodium chloride5
Ammonium Ferric(III)citrate0.5
Sodium azide0.15
*Adjusted as required to meet performance standards

Controlli di qualita' microbiologici

The Microbiological Performance Test is carried out in accordance with the requirements BS EN ISO 11133:2014.

Incubation conditions: 44±4 hours at 36±2°C; Inoculum concentration: 80-120 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Enterococcus faecalisATCC 19433/WDCM 0000950–130 %Black colonies
Enterococcus faeciumATCC 6057/WDCM 0017750–130 %Black colonies

Incubation conditions: 44±4 hours at 36±2°C; Inoculum concentration: 10.000-1.000.000 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Staphylococcus aureusATCC 6538/WDCM 00032Complete inhibition-
Escherichia coliATCC 8739/WDCM 00012Complete inhibition-

Microbial Contamination
Incubation conditions: 5–7 days at 20–25°C and 5–7 days at 30–35 °C


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