Mannit-Kochsalz-Agar nach harm. EP/USP/JP (MSA)

Abbreviazione: MSA
Numero articolo: 40-1166
Scheda: Petri Dish, 90mm
Colore: Clear and strong pink
Condizioni di stoccaggio prodotti: Dry, in closed bag, at 15-22°C
Data di scadenza: 3 Months
Valore pH: 7.4 ± 0.2 bei 25°C
Destinazione e applicazione

Test for Staphylococcus aureus. Nutrient medium for microbiological analysis of sterile products. Medium complies with the requirments in the EP/USP/JP (2006).

Composizione tipica

in g per 1 litre of Nutrient medium
Pancreatic-digest of Casein peptone5
Pancreatic-digest of Beef Peptone5
Beef Extract1
Sodium chloride75
Phenol Red0.025
*Adjusted as required to meet performance standards

Controlli di qualita' microbiologici

The microbial performance test carried out in conformity with the requirements of Pharm. Eur. (Microbiological Examination of non-sterile products according Chapter 2.6.13).

Incubation conditions: 18 hours at 30–35°C; Inoculum concentration: 10–100 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Staphylococcus aureusATCC 6538/WDCM 00032Good growthYellow colonies

Incubation conditions: 18-72 hours at 30–35°C; Inoculum concentration: > 100 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Escherichia coliATCC 8739/WDCM 00012Complete inhibition-

Microbial Contamination
Incubation conditions: 5–7 days, 20–25°C and 5–7 days, 30–35°C

No microbial contamination

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